FFL Transfer

Firearm Transfer

Federal Firearms is happy to receive or ship transfers for our customers. Our charge is $45.00 for each firearm shipped in or out, plus actual freight and insurance for firearms shipped by us. We must have a valid Federal Firearms License from the receiving FFL in order to accept firearms from you for shipment. We must have a valid Federal Firearms License from the transferring FFL to be able to receive shipments. A current state or government issued photo ID is required to ship a firearm out through Federal Firearms.


To be able to pick up a firearm at Federal Firearms ( or any other FFL holder), you will be required to complete a National Instant Criminal Background Check and fill out a form 4473. Proof of personal documentation is required. Examples: Passport; State issued driver’s license; State issued ID.


Please Note:

It is the responsibility of the firearm(s) shipper to insure the firearm(s) for full value. Federal Firearms accepts no responsibility for shipments to us that are not insured or are under-insured. All firearms not transferred by 90 days will be considered abandoned and automatically become property of Federal Firearms.

Although Federal Firearms does in person private transfers, we do NOT accept shipments from individuals.  Those who ship to us without going through an FFL will have the firearm(s) held at our store location until the original owner who shipped the firearm comes to receive it. If a firearm is shipped directly by an individual the original owner must fill out a form 4473, complete a National Instant Criminal Background Check, pay the $45 transfer fee, and a $25 storage fee.