Buying Online

Buying A Firearm Online Is Easy

When you purchase a firearm from our website, we ship the firearm to your chosen FFL provider who will conduct any final paperwork and/or background checks with you and you will pick up your firearm from them. All firearms sold on are new from the manufacturer. 

The Details

Step 1.

Select a firearm from our online inventory. Please double check the UPC online to verify it is the correct item you want. We do our best to make sure listings are accurate, but our website pulls information from several sources.

Step 2.
Purchase firearm and select your desired receiving FFL dealer at checkout.

Step 3.
Contact your receiving FFL dealer and have them send their license to us as directed in the
confirmation email. You may also use our FFL finder tool. This list is a general list of all FFL dealers and not necessarily a list of who we ship to or who we have shipped to.

Some notes along with this:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive require us to have a legible copy of the actual signed Federal Firearms License of the receiving FFL dealer we are shipping the firearm to.  After you complete your purchase on our website, please contact your receiving FFL dealer and have them email their FFL to with your order number in the subject line. Unless absolutely necessary we do not contact the receiving FFL dealer. If it becomes necessary for us to help, please send your order number, receiving FFL’s email address and phone number to and ask us to request their license. If we do not receive the actual signed Federal Firearms License of the receiving FFL dealer within 5 business days, we will refund/cancel this order and may charge a cancellation fee in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Receiving FFL dealers will charge what is called a transfer fee. This is set by them and is not billed by us.

This is their fee for receiving the transfer and doing the paperwork. It is always best to ask the FFL dealer what their fee is ahead of time, so you are not surprised. Most charge $20-$50 but this varies by dealer.

Step 4.

We ship the firearm and send you the tracking information. We ship firearms ourselves and also dropship firearms so they may ship and arrive separately. We ship firearms using the best methods UPS, FEDEX, OR USPS. This will be selected by us and is unable to be specified.


Step 5.
Firearm arrives at receiving FFL dealer and they contact you.  Please give the receiving FFL dealer time to check in the firearm. A delivery conformation does not mean the FFL dealer has had time to process the paperwork. It can take a couple of days before they contact you.


Step 6.
Go to your receiving FFL dealer, carefully inspect the firearm, fill out the required transfer forms and pay the transfer fee.


Step 7.
After the transfer is complete you can take your firearm home and thoroughly read the manufacturer manual.


Step 8.
Give us a Google review to let us know how we did.


Note – All Firearm Sales Are Final, If background check is failed we charge a 20% restocking fee. If you discover any blemishes or have any issues whatsoever with the gun after it’s been transferred, please contact the manufacturer of that gun for replacement, warranty or service. We do not accept firearm returns for any reason after it has been transferred.